My Gear

Okay, not going to lie, it takes a lot of Shit to do Long Course Triathlon’s or Ironman as they are commonly refereed to. Below are some of the main things that I use.


TREK Speed Concept 9.  This is a Triathlon Bike or a “TRI Bike” for short.  Her name is “Meredith” and I do most of my training and all of my racing on her.  She has a full carbon frame & wheels and is very light and fast.


Cannondale Synapse. This is my Road Bike, and her name is “Sophia”. I ride her for casual rides or when my Coach tells me to take a “Happy Ride”.  She is much more comfortable that my TRI bike, but not as fast. 


TREK Roscoe 8:  This is my Mountain Bike.  Why?  Why Not? Sometimes ya just gotta have fun. Of course, his name is “Roscoe”, Duh!



Pool Swimming

CORE Shorts, Swim Cap, Goggles, Kick Board, Pull Buoy, Fins, Ankle Strap, Snorkel, Hand Paddles and Tech Paddles.  These are called Pool Toys!! LOL.  Each have a different use to help train and improve our swim stroke.


Open Water Swimming (Cold Water) 

ROKA Full Sleeve Wet Suit, Aquaman Full Sleeve Wet Suit, Aquaman Sleeveless Wet Suit, Blue Seventy Thermal Socks and Gloves.


Open Water Swimming (Warm Water)

Blueseventy Safety Swim Buoy, Blueseventy Sleeveless and Full Sleeve Swim Skin.   The Orange flotation devise has a strap that goes around your waist when you are swimming in Open Water.  This allows boaters to see you and it also gives you a flotation device if you need to stop and rest.   The Swim Skins are worn over your Triathlon Suits or “Kits” as they are called.  They help to reduce drag in the water.




HOKA Bondi 6:  After a bout of Planters Fasciitis  three years ago or so, I moved the Bondi’s to get additional cushion for my feet.   These, coupled with extensive PT and religious Stretching and my PF as remand at bay. These are my 9th pair (6/1/2020)




Garmin 935 TRI Bundle. This is a awesome watch. The “Tri Bundle” comes with the standard Heart Rate Chest Strap and a “Pool Swim” HR chest strap to handle the calorie.


Bike Computer

Garmin 520 Edge: This is a great, somewhat entry level bike computer.  Is has a color display, but is not a Touch Screen like some of the later versions.



Garmin Varia RTL510:  This little unit is a real safety enhancement when riding on the roads.  There is a “Radar” unit built into the center of the RED Tail light that senses an approaching vehicle at .25 miles way and you get a “notice” on your watch or on your bike computer that alerts you that the vehicle is approaching and how fast it is coming.  I never ride with out is any more.



Aftershokz Wireless Headphones: I Love these headphones.  Not your typical headphones.  These do NOT fit in your ear, they ride on your cheek bone.  They are what they call “Bone Conducting”.  I was skeptical at first, but once I tried them, I never use ear buds on a run. The are so much safer, because while you can still hear your music very well, you can still hear the road nose, car horns, even my fellow runners talking on the lone easy runs.  I highly recommend them!

Aftershokz Wireless Headphones