Exciting Times

Hi Everyone,

Short post to share some exciting news.

I have been working with the Management Team at Run Toledo / Dave’s Running on a project involving several of their Multi-Sport events, when a different opportunity unexpectedly came along.

With the growth of the running events Managed by Run Toledo / Dave’s Running over the last couple of years, the need to have a dedicated person to manage their Volunteer Program became a priority.  As any of you know that regular run races, Volunteers are the life-blood of the race. Without them, the event just will not happen.

Long story short, I accepted the position of Volunteer Coordinator a couple of weeks ago and it was made public earlier this week via the Press Release below.


It will be my responsibility to retain our present volunteers and cultivate new ones. To insure adequate staffing levels of volunteers at our events.  To develop processes to insure our volunteers are well-trained and most importunity well appreciated.

I am very excited to take on this new responsibility. I will continue to work my normal day-job at this point, but I am making plans to retire at some point in the future and this is just what I was looking for as I transition.

More exciting news to come soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time ….Happy Running!



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