Detroit 1/2 Marathon Recap …Best Race Ever!


Yes, this was the best race I’ve ever ran!

NOT because it was perfect weather. On the contrary, it was 70 degrees, 90% humidity, 30 mph gusting winds at race start with a treat of Sever Thunderstorms looming.  The previous evening we received an email from the Race Director outlining the procedure if the race was Red Flagged for lightning and what to do if we were in Canada?  Yikes! In the end ,the rain held off until we finished, but I understand some of the Marathoners’ got rained on, but no Lightning. Yea!!

26,400 of our closest friends!

NOT because it was a great course. It was a very challenging course. Between mile 3 and 4 we ran over the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. We peeked at about 780 feet of total elevation change.  Then between mile 7 and 8 we ran through the Tunnel that leads back from Windsor to Detroit.  Fun Fact: It’s the only Marathon in the world with a mile that is under water!  That’s kinda Cool though!  The tunnel was even more humid with no breeze.  Yuck!!! Then we ran through downtown, Under Cobo Hall (More hills), then through Mexican Town (more hills). Props to anyone that PR’s this course!

Thousands of runners and I turn around in my coral, and find these lovely ladies! Allison, Sara and Janet, my Ragnar Team Mates.


NOT because I was running healthy.  If you recall, two weeks ago when I ran a Ragnar Ultra Relay,  and I  injured my right foot.  I did not run at all for the two weeks before this race.  I rested, iced it and religiously stretched it per doctors orders. But there was so many unknowns, how much pressure could I put on it?  Would it be like Ragnar?  Would it last for 13.1 miles?  The first few hundred steps of the race, I had my fingers crossed that all would be well. It was not 100%, so every step was taken with some level of caution.  Not going to lie, It was sore at the end of the race, but nothing like I went through at Ragnar. The good new was that the next day all of the soreness was gone.  So I’m happy that this issue seems to be behind me. Yea!!

Andy and I just after we finished.

It was my Best Race Ever, BECAUSE, I got to run with my son for his FIRST 1/2 MARATHON. My son Andy, who if you recall, was the one that actually got me started running, was going to be running his first half marathon! I was so happy when he asked me to run it with him.  Progressing from a Marathon Relay (5 to 6 miles) to a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) was a big jump for him or anyone for that matter!  Due to his work schedule, he had to train on his own, but he did log a few 8-mile long runs.  I’m sure like all of us, he is wishing today that he had trained more, because he’s Sore today! Welcome to racing Andy!

At mile 2, just before the bridge!

At the start I let him set the pace, we ran the first 2 miles in the low 10-minute miles, then we hit the bridge.  He slowed some, but I was quite happy with how he maintained a full running stride up the bridge incline, when so many others were walking.  Our run through Windsor went well, we were running hi 10-minute miles with one or two just above 11 minutes.


Running through Windsor, GM World Headquarters across the river.


Then we entered the runnel.  The down hill entering was fine, but the up hill out of the tunnel was brutal.  I’s a long steady incline that seems to go on for ever!  At mile 8, we exited the tunnel, now we were in the high 11 minute miles, but still moving nicely.  At mile 9, he suffered a calf cramp.  We stopped and I showed him how to work it out, we walked for a bit, then it subsided and we got back to running.

Exiting the Tunnel back in the USA!

The last challenge was the wind.  Coming up Michigan Ave, it was like a wind tunnel, but he kept moving.  We turned onto Fort Street and then crossed the Finish line together at 2 hours and 36 minutes with a 11:44 minute overall pace. A really good time for this race, especially for a first-timer.

Mile 12, WE GOT THIS!!!


I’m so proud of his effort!  It was a hard race, made even more challenging by the weather and the inclines, but he remained focused and pushed through and finished strong.

Me, Kelly (One of Andy’s Friends wives who also ran with us) and Andy.

He’s already talking about his next race!! YES!  Proud dad right here!!!

Thanks for Listening!

Until next time … Happy Running!




Have you ever run the Detroit International a Race?


Drop a comments below, love to hear from you. 











  1. I don’t know him but I am super proud of your son for taking the plunge into half marathon status! It’s a monumental step, and I know you couldn’t be more proud!

    I’m glad your foot held up, and that you aren’t suffering like after the Ragnar. Heal up quickly!

    I’ve never run an international race, nor have I run a race in another country. I have however run in Mexico training for GCM relay in 2016.


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