RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach

Hi Everyone,

So on Saturday, September 9th, I traveled to Columbus Ohio to attend the Road Runners Club of America Certified Distance Running Coach Level I  class.

Course Manual, 353 pages!

Step 1: Attend an RRCA Level I Coaching Certification Course

This two-day course included 16 hours of in-person coursework.


Day One Included:

  • Principles of coaching
  • Exercise physiology for coaching
  • Principles of building a training program
  • Understanding different types of workouts
  • Understanding running form
  • Basic sports nutrition

Day Two Included:

  • The business of coaching
  • Sports psychology for coaching
  • Recognizing injuries and injury prevention
  • Environmental factors that effect performance
  • Building training programs ​- group activity

After the class then the real work began, STUDY for the 100 question exam!


YES, Wine was involved and much needed!

Step 2: Submit the Online Test

Course attendees must demonstrate they have learned the course content and can apply it to coaching by successfully completing the 100-question online exam with a passing score of 85% or higher.

One of the Questions. Yes, this was just just 1 of 100! Yikes!!!

One good thing was that you could log on to the Test, work on a few questions, then log off.  I started last Sunday and finished it today (Sunday, September 24th).

After you answer all 100 questions, you have to hit the “Submit” key!  That was the hardest part! I could feel my heart racing, what if it Failed?, yes there is a provision to retake, but that was not something that I wanted to do!

So I took a deep breath and hit SUBMIT!  Second laster!  YOU PASSED! Flashed on the screen! YEA!  so excited.

So what’s next?

Well, I need to finish several races that I have planned for this fall then in the off-season work on developing my coaching program.  I plan to continue Coaching with Dave’s (assuming they will have me), then look to add an individual coaching program in 2018.

Until Next Time …. Happy Running!



Have you taken online Tests Before?

Do you like Wine? (Yea I know random question, but hey just wondered)


Drop a comment, love to hear from you!



  1. I said it on social media but congratulations Richard! You will make an excellent coach, and hopefully I can be one of your first clients! I promise I won’t be the client from hell…well…I promise I’ll try not to be 😉 jk.

    Most of my adult education has been online tests. I took most of my engineering degree online, and most of my certifications as well. I don’t mind them.

    I used to love wine, but don’t drink it much any more. I’ll still enjoy a glass every now and then.

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  2. Congrats Richard! This will be a great compliment to your coaching at Dave’s. You’ve got the official skills now! I haven’t taken a lot of online tests – because I’m old. haha! As for wine, my husband and I actually make wine! We have made it for years. We stick with the fruity light wines. I don’t care for dry or red wines. I’m a rose fan. I was hoping to go to Napa again for our latest wedding anniversary, but the trip just didn’t fit into the schedule this year. I will get back there though!

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    1. Love Napa and Sonoma! Been there a few times! Not a huge white wine drinker, but I enjoy light whites in the summer and heave bold reds on the fall and winter. Travers City MI has a really nice wine region. Great for a weekend getaway.

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