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Run Toledo

Hi Everyone,

Those of you that follow me on social media probable already know, but I wanted to share the news here as well.   I was recently selected to be in the inaugural group of Run Toledo Ambassadors!  Woot Woot! This is so Cool!

So, how did this happen you ask? Well, about two months ago, the folks at Run Toledo posted on their website the application process.  One just needed to complete a fairly simple application, list out all of their social media platforms they use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc), along with a paragraph or two on why they felt they would make a good ambassador.

Then, about two weeks ago, emails were sent out letting folks like myself know that they had been selected.  But due to last weekend’s Sylvania Triathlon, which is a huge event for Run Toledo and Dave’s Ruining, we weren’t able to meet as a group until yesterday.

2017 Run Toledo Ambassadors (missing 7)

So what do Ambassadors actually do?  As a brand ambassador, our role is to promote a brand, in this case Run Toledo and Dave’s Running and its products, to our network with the objective of not only increasing brand awareness, but also to improve our participant and spectator’s overall experience at our events. Seems easy right?  Well, for this group, I think it really is, because for the most part, we’ve all been doing it even before being chosen as ambassadors.  We all love what we do and are always eager to share it.  Like the quote says, “How do you know if a person ran a Marathon, don’t worry they’ll tell you”.  LOL The real benefit of this program is that it brings us all together and helps us all focus our efforts.

Who are the Run Toledo Ambassadors? To quote from the Run Toledo’s web site, “They are amateur athletes of varying ages and experience levels; ranging from beginners, walkers and casual runners, to seasoned marathoners, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, hikers and many more.”.  Based on those I met last night, I’d say this quote is very accurate.

One new piece of news that I’ve not shared on social media yet, is that, besides being selected as an Ambassador,  I have also been asked to take on a slightly elevated role with this group, that of a “Lead” Ambassador. While this a very fluid position at this point, my primary duties will be to assist the Program Director as needed and to be a second point of contact for our 33 Ambassadors.

I am very humbled that the Management of Run Toledo and Dave’s have chosen me for this role and I look forward to the challenge of fulfilling their expectations.

So, very soon, our Ambassadors will have their photos, bio’s and contact info posted on the Run Toledo Crew page. Get to know them, they are here to assist you, by answering any questions you may have leading up the events, throughout the events and after the events.  Just another one of the premier services offered when you participate in a Run Toledo Event!

Until next time …. Happy Running!


Any questions about our Ambassador Program?


Have you or are you an Ambassador in the another program?

(I am also an Ambassador for Nuun Hydration products).


Take a minute drop a comment and sign up to follow my blog.  I’d love to hear from you.














  1. Congrats on the new role, you are perfect for telling people what to do! haha, that’s a compliment 🙂 It was fun to see all of the Ambassadors and put some faces to the names finally. It’s a great group! I’m looking forward to working you. I am also an Ambassador for SweatPink.

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  2. Wow, Richard, a double congratulations! I was so excited when I was reading the post and then got to the Lead Ambassador part ….! Even better! They have made a great choice. You will do the group very proud. I love your positive spirit and the way you are constantly finding the best in people and encouraging them.

    Ambassador programs take some work and lots of dedication but they are very rewarding. You connect with so many other people with similar interests and I love the social aspect of these programs.

    I’m keen to read more about your adventures as you take the lead in this team 🙂 Well done!

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