Michigan – Ohio 8K

“The Race between Two States”

If you know anything about the 419, you know that we are setting right in the heart of the most prolific sports rivalry in the nation. Michigan vs. Ohio State! In this part of the world, you’re either Maze & Blue (the best of course) or Scarlet & Gray (Boo)! There is no in Between!!
This was never truer that in last nights annual running of the MI-OH 8K. It starts with registration, where they ask you to choose your race shirt color. Of course, Maze & Blue or Scarlet & Gray, there is a third option “Neutral”, (which was green and white this year) for those that just can’t make up their minds or just don’t want to piss anyone off!  Then all week leading up to the race, there is the typical Border Battle jousting, ribbing, chest pounding and just all around good fun!

Why an 8K? No reason, other than a simple course layout of four left turns that take you from Ohio, into Michigan and then back to your starting point in Ohio. The starting point is at Centennial Quarry, a local outdoor concert amphitheater, where the after race party is held.

This year I Paced several of the 5K runners that I am coaching. It was the first time that I’ve Paced a group of runners in an actual race and I had a blast! We used this race as a Training Run and decided that we would use our 5K Tempo pace of 9:10 to 9:20 per mile as our goal and I’m happy to say we did just that, exactly at 9:10. Woot Woot!! Couldn’t be happier for them, considering it was 81 degrees and 77% humidity. Yea, a hot sweaty mess!

Michigan was Well Represented! photo credit to Dawn Whitaker

oh, Yea, almost forgot! They give out these cool little towels in lue of Medals, which on a hot, muggy AF evening in July they are so much more useful

They say that you learn something new during every race and this was no exception Historically, I am a “Go out fast and die” kind of runner. Negative splits are not something that I’ve ever been able to do in a race. I usually go out fast, bank some time then fade in the end and hope that the time I’ve banked will carry me to the end. But by Pacing my group last night, I was finally able to to make improvement in in this area While it wasn’t true negative splits yet, with a 9:06, 9:11, 9:08, 9:13 and a 9:09 it was a huge improvement.

After the Sweatfest, we all gathered and listed to the music of Booyha, enjoyed a burger and a few adult beverages and relived our race! I’ve said it before and Ill say it again. “Its not about the running, it’s about the People” and last night race was no exception. Another great race brought to us by Dave’s Running and Run Toledo! Great job guys!

Looking forward to the next race.

Until next time,…Happy Running!


Are you a Michigan or OSU fan?  (No other choices)


Have you ever Paced a group of runners? Any pointers you’d like to share?


I’d love to hear form you!



  1. Great blog you couldn’t be more correct it is about the people I have met through running. A nicer group of people who get this addiction couldn’t be found anywhere. I too started later in life, just over a year ago. Being 54 brings another whole set of challenges for me, and your journey gives me hope I too have it in me to improve (probably not to your speed, but you never know!). I have been pleasantly surprised how much I have been accepted and encouraged even though I am not a young, fast paced runner. Thanks for your engaging posts!

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    1. Thank you for the comment. That’s my goal with this blog, to offer the wisdom I’ve picked up and to encourage runners our age that it’s never too late to start. My favorite quote is “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” by John Bingham

      I also plan to write feature articles about runners like yourself. You are an “Older.Wiser.Runner”. We all are, and our stories need to be told. Are you up for that?


  2. Great race paces!! I pretty much just went down in flames at this race, even though I wasn’t trying to race it fast. I was overwhelmed with the heat and no matter how slow I ran I just didn’t feel right. I’m hoping the Boy Scouts half will be my “smart” race of the year. I’ve got a little bit of time to get things in order 🙂 [fingers crossed]
    I got the MI shirt last year, and the OH shirt this year. I’m totally not into football, so it didn’t matter much to me. Although green is not a color I ever wear!! Love the shirts, they are so soft. And, I was raised in MI, and now live in OH, so I can represent both!

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