Sparkler 5k … and a PR!

Today I had the opportunity to run a 5k not only with several of the runners that I am coaching in the Dave’s PR5K program, but it was in Luna Pier, Michigan, the small town I grew up in.  An added bonus was that my daughter and son-in-law also ran with me. I’m so blessed!

Cheryl, Tom, Tiffney and Catie from my PR5K program.

It was a smaller race, maybe 150 runners, but it was well organized. The course was well marked and the organizers, were very passionate about their cause.  It was a charity event that is in honor of Felisa Barns, a close friend of Kaylin the organizer that tragicly passed away in 2009.  The money goes toward scholarships for cross country runners at Mason High School, which is the high school I graduated from.

My daughter Adrian and Son-In-Law Anthony!
Another shot of Adrian and Anthony!

I’ve been running with my PR5K group, which is a 27 minute pace and haven’t been running near my PR of 25:31, so I wasn’t expecting to PR today.  I started off fast, which is my MO, at an 8:02 first mile, then an 8:06 mile, still pretty fast for me, considering my PR pace is an 8:12.  The first 1/2 of mile 3, I dropped off to about an 8:40, but found a second wind and pulled it up to an 8:22 and then then ran last 1/10th of a mile at a 7:38 pace to squeak by with a 25:29 / 8:09 pace. A 3 second PR, but hey, I’ll take it!  Overall I was very happy with my race today.


Have a great week friends!

Until me meet again … Happy Running!


Have you ever gotten a PR when you least expected it?

Do you have family that are also runners?

Let me know, post a comment, I’d love to hear from you!


  1. You just had to show me up! Had a 10 second PR, which I thought was pretty pathetic given how well I ran the first half of it, at the WTOL River Run 10K. Annnnnnnddddddddd then you pulled a 3 second PR! Guess I have to go for a 1-2 second PR in something now! 😀

    I said it on instragram but nice work! As you told me, a PR is a PR!

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